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Sherman Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident, the first two things you need to do are seek medical help and seek legal counsel. Many people think they need to call their insurance companies from the scene of the accident. It's important to let your insurance company know about the car accident, but it's important to know how to talk with the insurance company.

When you call the insurance adjuster, he or she will be listening carefully to what you say, and any admission of negligence can be used against you. Remember, insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and not paying claims. It is in their best interest to deny payment. An experienced Sherman car accident attorney, however, is working for you and is committed to helping you receive the compensation you need.

At Brown Riddels, P.L.L.C , we can help you communicate with your insurance company in a way that is honest but does not jeopardize your right to compensation. For example, even a seemingly harmless statement such as, "I think I'll be okay," may be used against you.

Everything the insurance company does — having a quick response team, delaying payment of medical bills, getting a recorded statement from victims — is done with the goal of forcing victims to accept less money than they deserve. We can help ensure you receive the compensation you need.

Contact A Denton Attorney Who Handles Drunk Driving Injuries

If your accident was caused by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to additional compensation. We know this is a tough time for you, and we are committed to helping you work through the process as effectively as possible.

Learn more about the compensation you may be entitled under Texas law by scheduling your free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. We can be reached online or by calling 903-771-2878.

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