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Sherman Child Custody Lawyer

Protecting The Best Interests Of The Children

For parents, few things are more important than protecting their children. Parents make spending time with their children a priority, and they are willing to do anything in their power to raise their children well. When parents maintain that instinct during divorce, it can help ensure the best interests of their children are protected.

At Brown Riddels, P.L.L.C , we are committed to helping parents maintain strong relationships with their children after divorce. We know family law judges' first priority is to always protect the best interests of children, and we work closely with our clients to help them showcase the same priority.

Maintain The Integrity Of The Jury's Decision

Many child custody attorneys in Sherman know that juries can be persuaded by the wrong factors when they are making custody decisions. We work to remind the jury that the most important priority is protecting the best interests of the child. Although sympathy or vice for either parent should not impact a jury's decision, it can.

We work to remind judges and juries that the impact a child custody arrangement will have on a parent should not be a deciding factor in making a decision. For example, if there are suspicions that one parent will turn to an unhealthy addiction without the kids in his or her life, that should not influence the jury. Likewise, a parent who cries at the mention of not having custody should also not impact the jury.

Our lawyers work to make sure judges and juries also look at child custody with the best interests of the child in mind.

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