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Dallas/Fort Worth Eminent Domain Lawyer

Protecting The Land You Own

Many people believe that they have a right to do whatever they want with the land they own. There may be some element of truth to that idea, but the government also has the power to take private property for public use.

Through the power of eminent domain, governments at the federal, state or local level may provide compensation to landowners to buy their land or change it in some way. At Brown Riddels, P.L.L.C , we know that simply receiving compensation from the government is not enough.

Protecting The Aesthetics Of Your Land

When our attorneys represent clients in Fort Worth eminent domain matters, we fight to maximize the financial recovery for landowners. However, we also work to protect the integrity of their land. We recognize that there is added value in negotiating the terms of the easement. Instead of simply agreeing to the terms of the construction, we advocate on behalf of our clients to make sure the land is affected as little as possible.

For example, if a pipeline is getting buried in someone's yard, we think about the terms in the agreement that bind the construction company to how it operates on the land and how the land will look when the company is done working. It's difficult to put a price on the aesthetics of a piece of a land, but you know when something isn't right. We may not be able to prevent a pipe from getting buried in your backyard, but if you don't want construction equipment parked in your yard for six months, we can help.

Contact An Experienced Sherman Condemnation Attorney

At Brown Riddels, P.L.L.C , we fight to maximize the value our clients receive in eminent domain matters. Learn more about the legal protection we offer by scheduling your free consultation with one of our experienced Texas lawyers. We can be reached online or by calling 800-618-7634.