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Sherman DWI Lawyer

It is not illegal to have a beer or two with dinner and then drive yourself home. However, as long as it's legal to consume alcohol, people will get arrested for drinking and driving. Unfortunately, the methods Texas uses to prove intoxication are not always reliable. If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, it's important to work with an experienced Sherman DWI attorney who can help protect your rights.

At Brown Riddels, P.L.L.C , we disagree with the methods and scientific analysis that are used to prove an individual is guilty of drunk driving. There are minimum requirements that the state must meet to prove an individual is guilty, and we disagree with those methods.

Challenging The Evidence Provided By The State

Because Grayson County is incredibly tough on DWI/DUI cases, it's critical to find a lawyer who will provide the aggressive defense you need. When we represent clients, we work with our own experts to inspect and analyze the blood or breath specimen that was collected. When we review the evidence collected by the state, it allows us to make our own conclusions, instead of relying on what the state provides.

We invest a great deal of time, energy and resources to stay current with the changing DWI/DUI laws, and we often work with forensic scientists when we are handling cases. DWI/DUI cases are very fact-intensive and scientific, and although there are numerous lawyers who handle DWI/DUI cases, not every attorney takes the same aggressive analytical approach.

Contact An Aggressive Gainesville DUI Attorney

If you were arrested for drunk driving, that does not automatically mean you are guilty. Learn more about the aggressive representation we provide by scheduling your free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 903-771-2878.

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